autonomous retail solutions

Instant System's technology enables operators to deliver a delightful customer experience, lower operating costs and ability to scale easily.

Self Checkout

Automatic Checkout

Frictionless Stores

Operators using our Grab & Go technology have seen customer purchases grow by 40%.

Real time inventory tracking keeps drivers from visiting sites that already have enough stock.

Controlled access technology reduces retail theft while maintining a natural shopping expereince for customers.

Retail Solutions

We enable unattended retail and rental transactions of virtually any product that can be placed on a shelf or hanger without the need of costly robotics. Our solutions scale from a single shelf, to a cabinet, to as large as an entire unattended store for both retail and rental; all built on our core tracking and transaction platform.

Scan & Go: Easy Self Checkout

Scan & Go terminals are an economical way to offer self checkout for high trust environments. A Scan & Go terminal allows customers to scan thier own products at the terminal or with thier own phone using the connected app.

Scan & Go plus adds the ability to lock connected coolers and cabinets to ensure products are secure between transactions.

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Grab & Go: Automatic Checkout

Grab & Go cabinets enable an automated checkout experience with fully secured product.

Once a customer authorizes a transaction with credit card or mobile payment, the door unlocks to allow them to browse and select their products.

Advanced shelf sensors and tracking technology knows exactly what the customer selected and charges them only for what they take.

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Grab & Go Flex: Scalable Micro Market

Flex allows you to customize a series of coolers, freezers, cabinets and connected equipment to build a customized micro market.

The customer starts their transaction and can shop across the entire micro market. Anything taken from any cabinet is automatically added to their cart.

Flex allows you to scale from 2 to 4 cabinets from the same point of sale device to meet demand.

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Grab & Go Store: Frictionless Store

A fully unattended store allows multiple customers to shop from coolers, hangers, shelves and connected equiptment. 3D cameras and AI vision system tracks multiple customers as they shop throughout the store. Any item they take is automatically added to thier virtual shopping cart in real time.

Use one of our standard store layouts, or design your own custom store.

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Remote Management Platform

The Instant Admin platform has been refined for 20 years into a robust and scaleable software suite to control and operate a vast network of deployments with ease. This system is designed on a modular architecture to enable easy customization for each client's specific needs while staying robust enough to handle millions of transactions at large scale. The Admin platform means you can manage large networks of locations with better customer service and lower cost.

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Field Merchant App

The Instant Field Manager app enables efficient management of a wide network of field techs and merchants, closing the loop between a network of locations, the admin platform and the field teams that service them.

  • Real time inventory tracking lets you optmize your service plan to ensure you only visit sites that need servicing/stocking.

  • Automatically build product pick lists based on the sales of each location and the timing of the merchant visits.

  • Track the pick/pack process and freshness/expiration dates of delivered products.

  • Validate product chain of custody to ensure the right merchant has the right products.

  • Optimized routing to each of the merchants stops to ensure you spend as little drive time as possible on your route.

  • See the route progress, real-time feedback from the field when a stop doesn't go as planned.

  • Guided stocking process to make sure the planogram is followed and item counts are automatically updated.