ARM Setup

INitial Setup

Overview of how to unpack, place and power the ARM unit

Shelf Calibration

Choose Calibrate shelves to calibrate a shelf after first installation, when moving the kiosk or after maintenance of a shelf.  

Use the 1000g standard to calibrate each position after all prodcut as been removed from the shelf (anything left on the shelf when calibration begins will be ignored by the kiosk).  Follow on screen prompts to calibrate each tray.  When the sensor goes from unstable to stable you can calibrate and move on to the next tray.

You may also verify the calibration at the end of the process.

SEtup inventory

From the Setup Inventory screen you can assign a prodcut to a specific location.  Chose the location you want to assign and select the item from the catalog.  Add 2-3 items to the kiosk, 1 at a time, to and add them to train the software to recognize the items in the future.

Restock inventory

After logging into the kiosk the "Restock" menu.  As items are added to the kiosk the inventory counts will be automatically updated.

When removing expired products, use the "Shrinkage" screen to have the removals tracked as shrinkage.


Learn how to access the status or software settings screen.  This screen contains useful information like current temperature, online status and the kiosk ID.

The "Synchronization" buttons on the bottom of the screen can be used to update the latest settings and catalog changes from the network on demand.

Accessing Sim Card

Access the modem to replace the SIM card if needed.

Camera Test

Test the security Camera from the Utilites menu in merchant mode.