S3 Automated Store

S3 : Self Service Store

Instant Systems self-checkout system utilizes a combination of 3D camera and shelf sensor technologies. The cameras are primarily used to track the customer's movement within the store environment. By combining the data generated by the movement of the customer, and the shelf-based sensors a highly accurate virtual shopping cart can be generated for a specific customer-- creating a fast, reliable shopping experience in realtime.

Customized for your space, the store integrates coolers, shelves, hangers and other vending (such as coffee makers) to offer convenience 24/7 without staff needing to monitor the store.

Unattended mini-mart: Best for high traffic locations with large range of SKUs.

Customized to the space: Mix and match coolers, freezers, hangers and shelves to meet your customers needs.

Capacity: Depending on physical space, accommodates multiple people shopping at the same time.

Nafem 23: Demo of Self service Store