600 Flex Hardware Setup

1- Unpacking and Kiosk Setup

Remove keys that are attached on the back of the machine

Unlock main controller and remove cables and envelopes

Remove thumb nuts to access side panel

2- SIM Card setup (optional)

If your SIM card is not already installed

Remove SIM card tool from bottom back of the modem

Use the tool to eject the SIM card holder from the slot closest to the outside of the cabinet

Place the SIM card with the connection pointing up

Reinsert into the modem

If not using the Cell modem, refer to the document below for the required port configuration.

Ports required for Instant Systems 2210.pdf

3- Cooler Prep

Use the manual lock release to open the cooler doors

Remove the packaging material from the coolers

Remove the bag with the cooler manual and leveling wrench

4- Parts overview

Use key to open the compartment on the 3rd or 4th unit (if applicable)

Confirm all parts are removed from controller

Confirm all parts are removed from additional units (if applicable)

5- Connect Satellite units

Behind the machine, plug in the short data cable and power cable to the top of the satellite directly next to the controller

Plug the other end to the top data and power port on the controller

(if applicable) Plug in the data and power cable in the mid-point of the 3rd and/or 4th cabinet.

Plug in the power cord with the yellow release facing up.

(if using wired ethernet connection, plug in at port on the bottom of the unit.)

6- Powering the Controller

Before powering the kiosk, unplug the 3 router cables on the left side.  Be sure to keep them in order.

Press the power button on the battery backup until it beeps

Check that credit card terminal and UI are powering up.

7- Router Plugs and Leveling

Once the UI has boot up, reinsert the router cables

Use the leveling wrench to adjust the right and left front feet so that the locking latch meets directly in the center of the locking mechanism.

You'll know it's properly leveled if you can let the door close on it's own from about 4-6" and it will close and latch on it's own.  

8- Install braces

When the kiosk is fully leveled and in it's final location, attach the braces on the top of the unit.

The braces should be tightened enough to keep the machines from moving away from each other.

Nuts are fastened with a 10mm socket or a 7/16" if metric tools are not available.