S3 Aisle

S3 : Self Service Store Aisle

The S3 Aisle store is an autonomous cafeteria style store designed for high volume traffic like sport stadiums, and factory commissaries.  The system is customizable in 8ft expandable modules creating a versatile platform for any situation .  The Aisle can handle a variety of SKU’s from cold or frozen ready made dishes to hot hold cabinet..  The system can also handle shelf stable products like chips and confectionary products.  It can also be paired with a live kitchen where food can delivered from the kitchen direct to the customer.   Peripherals like bean to cup coffee machines, or autonomous smoothie machines can be added to the Aisle as well.   

Customized for your space, the store integrates coolers, shelves, hangers and other vending (such as coffee makers) to offer convenience 24/7 without staff needing to monitor the store.

Unattended mini-mart: Best for very high traffic locations with large range of SKUs.

Customized to the space: Mix and match coolers, freezers, hangers and shelves to meet your customers needs. Expand the length of the aisle as long as needed to accomidate your space.

Capacity: Depending on physical space, accommodates multiple people shopping at the same time.