1. How does the autonomous kiosk work - do I need staff to operate it?  

The system operates with a combination of load cells, vision, and back office AI which allows operators to offer their products and service without the need of staff at the location.  The operator will need merchandisers, and a first line of contact support staff to field simple operational calls. 

2. How easy is it to install and to set up the technology?  

The unit only needs to be plugged in and it will automatically dial the company server to download the latest software and operator planogram.  New products will need to be added to the planogram at the time of set up 

3. What is HaaS? (Hardware as a Service)

It is a subscription model where the equipment is continually kept up to date and operating throughout the life of the contract.  The operator/customer only pays a monthly fee for the use of the equipment 

4. How does the sensor technology work,  and what are the benefits for business and customer.  

The sensor technology acts much like your digital bathroom scale. It gives the operator the assurance that inventory will be 100% correct.  

5.Am I limited to any product types that I can stock - chilled and non chilled? 

The product offering for this technology can be as  small as a bottle of pills up to several kilos.  If it can fit on the shelves of hanger it can be vended 

6.Customer Experience - how can I integrate my kiosk into the workplace and staff? 

If you can open your refrigerator at home you can operate our technology. Our software can vary its promotions for combining several products to create value meals or BOGO programs as well as loyalty programs for repeat customers.  

7.Consumer Experience - is it fast and simple?  

The process is extremely quick. From the time you have swiped your credit card to the completion of the order, the process can be under 10 seconds. 

8.How does this help my stock management? 

It allows operators to schedule merchandisers to only the places that need attention, thus saving gas and employee  headcount.  Our data shows that 20% of the operators locations don’t need merchandising on the scheduled restocking day.  Knowing exactly what product needs to be shipped to a specific location saves time and inventory. 

9.What happens if something goes wrong with the kiosk?   

We have a support staff that will work with the operator to resolve any issues that can be completed remotely.  If a tech agent needs to be dispatched to repair or replace a part, we can assist with coordinating that effort.