Ongoing Kiosk Service

Cooler - setup inventory.mp4

Setup Inventory

The planogram for a kiosk is first set in the "Setup inventory" section on the UI.

Before inventory is setup, it needs to have been created in admin (see here)

Inventory and Restock Manual 2203.pdf

Start by selecting the bin you want to set.  You can touch the bin and it will highlight on the screen.

When setting up a kiosk the first time, you may need to adjust the LED settings, but this should not be needed generally.

Choose the product on the UI by searching any part of the name.

Add one item to the bin and press add (when stable) to train the kiosk on that item in that bin.  Repeat 2-3 times.

Finish and stock as many as you'd like on the shelf.

Instant inventory app 2203.pdf

Inventory App setup

Cooler - restock.mp4


If no change is needed in the planogram, a kiosk can be merchandised from the restock screen.

This screen will allow a merchant to add and remove product as fast as they like.  The inventory changes will be automatically tracked and reported in admin.