850 Cooler

Large format cooler or ambient cabinet for secure unattended retail 

Instant Cooler

The Instant Cooler family of products provides a new revolutionary way of selling food, snacks and beverages to consumers. Unlike a traditional vending machine, the smart cooler doesn’t have any robotics and instead lets customers take and return products directly from/to the shelves. It also provides for automatic live inventory updates. 

Customers unlock the kiosk through an app, or with a credit card (optional reader), and pick up products they want to purchaseA customer is only charged for what they have removed from the smart cooler, once the purchase is completed.

This version of Instant Cooler 850 includes 6 shelves with 4 slots per shelf, a total of 24 slots.  The Instant Cooler 600 includes 5 shelves and 11 slots. The cooler can be customized to your specific needs. A 600/850 Duo allows 2 mix-and-match systems to be paired to a single POS for higher traffic locations.

Cooler and Freezer: Best for medium to high traffic locations thar require a larger depth of inventory.

Dimensions: 78”h x 42.1”w x 30.1”d

Capacity: 28,920 cu-in or about 12-24 Unique SKUs